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The “Sirocco” is the perfect addition to any stove. This is quite a simple ready to use heat powered device, that wont take up much space and doesn’t need any power source. “Sirocco” ensures rapid and uniform distribution of heat in the room enhancing the ability to heat your home more efficiently while reducing fuel consumption. The word Sirocco comes from a Mediterranean region where it is known as a strong warm southern or south-easterly wind. It is formed when the hot air of Saharan dessert moves across the Mediterranean and mixes with the cooler air of Europe thus creating counter clockwise circulation across the Med. The small device in your hands might resemble a traditional wind mill but it has the power of the real Sirocco. Our “Sirocco” fan works on the same basis. “Sirocco” is like a breath of warm wind in your house, arising the instant the stove heats up , like the sand of the desert, filling the most distant corners of the room with warm gentle air. Have you ever arrived home on a cold winter evening after a busy day at work only to find the house freezing? Fumbling to start the fire in the cold and then waiting for what seems like eternity to get any warmth from the stove. Well now with the help of “Sirocco” you can enjoy the warmth in your house much quicker. Adjustable direction of the airflow. Adjustable feet for sloped/curved stoves. Increases Stove efficiency – As the stove heats up, the air around the stove also heats up and rises to the top of the room. “Sirocco” helps to circulate this warm air around the room before it reaches the ceiling, thus increasing efficiency of your stove. Has an incredible capacity of moving – 350 cu. Meters of air per hour around the room – depending on the operating temperature. Greater comfort – “Sirocco” fan starts to work as soon as the stove heats up, filling every corner of the room with warm air. So youll feel the warmth from your stove much quicker. Reduced fuel consumption – Because the fan circulates the warm air through the room much quicker, you wont have to use as much fuel to heat your home. No operating costs – This fan generates its own electricity to operate, so it wont need any power cords or batteries. It has a thermoelectric module that works like a generator to power the fans blades. Ready to use – No installation required. “Sirocco” is ready to use straight from the box. Starts automatically -Just place the fan on top of your stove and wait for the surface to heat up. As the temperature of the stove increases so will the speed of the fan and when the stove cools down the fan will stop automatically. The Sirocco has a handle at the top of the fan, so it could be moved at any time changing the. Direction of air flow. This allows for exact areas of the room to be heated first. The heat is used most efficiently. Due to a large heated surface “Sirocco” accumulates very large amounts of power. To operate for a period of time even after the heating process has finished. Sending waves of pleasant warmth to the room. Ensures that the heat generated by the heating device is used to its maximum potential. Dimensions: Height – 210 mm Width – 165 mm Depth – 65 mm OPTIMAL RUNNING TEMPERATURE : 120-300. The item “HANSA SIROCCO HEAT POWERED WOOD BURNING STOVE TOP FAN ECO FRIENDLY” is in sale since Friday, February 22, 2013. This item is in the category “Home, Furniture & DIY\Fireplaces & Accessories\Other Fireplace Accessories”. The seller is “stovefanshop” and is located in Brighton, East Sussex. This item can be shipped worldwide.
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